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Enable your analytic capabilities


Data Analytics Consulting

Our belief is that you are best at analyzing your your operation. Therefore we work together with your people to enable your analytic capabilities. If required we can provide you a full analytics service to make sense of your data.


Our team of experts  or vetted partners works closely with you to identify your business needs and design solutions that help you achieve your goals. Support and training is offered to ensure that you get the most out of your data analytics capabilities.

Why choose data Treehouse?

We believe in openness, standardization, flexibility and freedom to operate. If you do not want to be locked into a platform, vendor or cloud provider - Data Treehouse is offering an open alternative. 

Data Treehouse AS

Org. nr: 931 863 568


Kobben Incubator,
Forskningsparken i Vestfold,

Raveien 205,
3184 Borre,



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