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Our Mission

Modern businesses are competing on analytics, making data a key asset. It should be quick and easy to use semantic integration technologies that unlock the value of operational data, wherever it resides.   The dictionary definition of a platform is a flat surface to build on, an abstraction. Some data platforms however, want you to hand over control over data, contextualizing it in proprietary ways and lock you in with applications coupled to the platform, charging you accordingly. Our mission is to provide a cutting edge open platform for organizations that want the benefits of semantic integration, but want to remain in control their critical assets. Our data treehouse is a cutting edge, lightweight, portable platform that preserves your freedom to operate across OT and IT.​


Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes to unlock the full potential of their data and achieve their goals. We aim to maintain the semantic technology as open source projects governed and funded by partners that utilize the solutions. 

Data Treehouse AS

Org. nr: 931 863 568


Kobben Incubator,
Forskningsparken i Vestfold,

Raveien 205,
3184 Borre,


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