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  • Øivind Rui

Welcome into the Data Treehouse

Data Treehouse is a simple construction in the OT/IT domain that form a state of the art open solution to contextualized data and search. Data Treehouse utilizes other state of the art technologies to build the solutions that can integrate with existing legacy and run on any cloud platform available. The metaphor is to utilize the building materials you have and still build a fantastic place for insight, reflection - almost like a bunch of good books hoisted to your treehouse.

In the following months we will post explanations, articles, application examples to show how potentially a treehouse might just bee the thing you need by your lake.

Stay tuned to follow or join the journey...


Data Treehouse AS

Org. nr: 931 863 568


Kobben Incubator,
Forskningsparken i Vestfold,

Raveien 205,
3184 Borre,



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