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SHACL-validating the Industrial Knowledge Graph #IKG

maplib now supports #SHACL for validating graphs. We are extremely happy to announce that maplib - the fastest available SW pipeline to construct industrial knowledge graphs - has added support for SHACL validation. Together with OTTR this is enabling novel ways of working for constructing quality-assured knowledge graphs. Organizations can now add graph construction pipelines that are able do dependency management on semantics. Currently we have tested small examples for validating #IMF models and are now heading to also build a pipeline for semantic mapping of IDTA's asset administration shells (AAS) to the industrial knowledge graph. This capability makes maplib the natural go-to tool for model construction and #GrapOps pipelines.

By this latest extension maplib is now handling the relevant standards in the Industry 4.0 domain. #opcua #aas, #idta, #automationml, #dexpi . Indirectly also industrial standards as IEC-61360 Common Data Dictionary #cdd & #eclass classification system.

When semantically lifted - these standards can be aligned with upper level models and ontologies, utilizing classes and properties from the Industrial Data Ontology #IDO (emerging as ISO standard for Ontology Based Interoperability ISO-23726-3 ) and reference data library #rdl from ISO-15926-14.

The best actors in class also use a capable reference designation system like RDS (ISO/IEC-81346) to ensure a standarised structuring of asset data.

Doing the semantic lift of your OT structures and data provides you with the industrial knowledge graph which simplifies access to industrial data and is a stepping stone towards the industrial data mesh.


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