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  • Øivind Rui

OPC UA model management in maplib

maplib - a novel tool and approach to mapping, model management and Knowledge Graph construction, has now added support for OPC Unified Architecture, and is currently listed as a OPC UA branded product.

Enabling semantic lifting from OPC UA models and address spaces to Knowledge Graphs enables new, efficient ways of managing OPC models. By using a dedicated set of OTTR templates lifting is performed at blazing speeds. Models can then immediately be validated and queried using graph queries (SPARQL), putting the semantics of these models at your fingertips. We are currently adding SHACL support, which allows rich constraints to be easily formulated and checked.

We welcome the new era of Semantic System integration - and invite all interested parties to contact us for a test spin. We have tested a majority of the OPC UA Companion Specifications and are eager to validate that we can handle your company- and domain tailored models.


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