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  • Øivind Rui

Materializing Solar PV

Working with mapping test-cases of Solar PV plants (following RDS) we found we need to explore and inspect the graph as it is being constructed. Working with maplib, the graph is immediately available for querying, making the mapping almost continuously observable.

In addition to supporting the initial, exploratory steps towards building a graph, this feature of maplib allows you to engineer a high quality mapping process supporting a continuous integration / continuous delivery workflow. Such a workflow allows the mapping to be incrementally extended in steps connected to business value and that are supported by immediate test feedback.

Visuals help us communicate use cases, business value and what a graph is. It is satisfying to experience the power of staying standardized - the visuals were already there - open and available.

Stay tuned as we'll post examples of standardized mappings we are able to share and best practices for constructing mappings.


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