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  • Magnus Bakken

Highlighting the work of the OTTR creators

The Data Treehouse is built on your existing infrastructure for time series and your existing investments in modeling, but it is also built on the cutting edge scientific work of others.

Today, we would like to highlight the OTTR mapping language, which was created by Martin G. Skjæveland and Leif Harald Karlsen at the SIRIUS Research Centre at the University of Oslo. The language makes it easy to build knowledge graphs from existing data sources using templates, a feature sorely missing in other approaches. These templates allow easy reuse within companies and within industries seeking to standardize their models, and is very important for industrial use cases. OTTR has simple syntax and is easy to learn.

Maplib implements the OTTR mapping language following their scientific efforts and open language definition of the OTTR creators. The functional abstraction provided by the language is a perfect match for the modern data engineering stack.

Visit the OTTR website to learn more. A nice introduction video to the OTTR language can be found here.


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