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  • Øivind Rui

Common Information Model (CIM) available for querying in the Industrial Knowledge Graph

The Industrial Knowledg Graph (IKG) by Data Treehouse now has support for fine-grained models according to Common Information Model. CIM are extensively used for describing electrical grids, power production systems and the operation of these. By use of CIMTool we are able to reliably and efficiently represent the CIM standards in the IKG described as OWL classes. The extensiveness and open format provides the best foundation for enabling accessibility to grid and power system data. We can assist to populate the graph from your internal data repositories or systems making both context and operational data easily accessible through chrontext's query functionality.

Several versions of CIM has been tested (CIM16 and CIM17). Further we have used examples from both National Grid in UK and Elbits (former DIGIN) test-configurations as described in Grunnprofil.

We plan to utilise SHACL support in maplib for CIM-profile validation.

When data is available in the knowledge graph, this forms the basis for building data products and intelligent applications. Data products are reusable information of wider interest in an organisation, managed by a data product responsible. When the set of data products grow and may stack on top of each other - this creates the operational data mesh.

Example below is a selection of current operational limits, and some other relevant CIM-classes.

Querying and reasoning over the industrial knowledge graph provides the basic foundation for creating data products, doing analytics, making the grid smart and applying AI in scale - with the level of determinism required by the power industry.


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