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The no-platform platform

The Data Treehouse allows you to build data products using existing infrastructure, such as data lakes and time-series databases. Avoid vendor lock-in by building your own Data Treehouse using open-source code and open industry standards. 

Solutions & Services

We believe in openness, standardization, flexibility and freedom to operate.
If you do not want to be locked into a platform, vendor or cloud provider,
Data Treehouse offers an open alternative. 


chrontext - an Open Semantic Integration Technology At Data Treehouse, we provide open source semantic integration technologies that protect your existing investments in platforms & infrastructure while leveraging the value of OT data. chrontext is a semantic integration technology targeting use cases in analytics and data science, allowing you to use a knowledge graph to access analytical data across infrastructures, supporting solutions found in on premise architectures such as time series databases and the data lakes of the cloud. With  chrontext  you get the flexibility and scalability you need to leverage data in your operation.   chrontext is based on open web standards such as SPARQL and RDF, and supports OPC UA. With chrontext you can analytics-enable your existing OPC UA models, enabling context-based access to analytical data both in OT, on the edge or in the cloud.


maplib - a Knowledge Graph Construction Tool ​It is little use having high quality time series data without the context to understand its relation to an asset and the processes that occur there. Many companies do have context and knowledge crucial to making use of data, but it is stored in a multitude of technologies such as OT systems or proprietary databases. maplib allows you to build and enrich harmonized knowledge graphs from these sources, either using a standardized modelling framework, or by using your own. The knowledge graph is built using open web standards, freeing it from the grip of proprietary systems.  maplib has excellent interoperability with Dataframes cherished by Data Engineers. It supports interactive mapping, allowing you to validate and inspect results as you go, leaving behind a mapping with proper test coverage that can safely be extended. ​


querymesh - an Operational Data Mesh At Data Treehouse, our overarching goal is to enable you to create value from your operational data. Context enabled queries over analytical data sets will provide the first level of querymesh, the Operational Data Mesh, where data products are created, maintained  and managed in a sustainable and scalable way.  Data products can then be added and managed into a data catalogs supporting uniform access control across infrastructures, providing a fully featured layer of abstraction that frees you from vendor lock in. Query-defined data products and access control using our technologies are inherently portable, and your application portfolio and access control rules can be easily applied to new assets and acquisitions, even though it may use different technical infrastructure.


Data Analytics Consulting according to your needs. Our belief is that you are best at analyzing your your operation. Therefore we work together with your people to enable your analytic capabilities. If required we can provide you a full analytics service to make sense of your data. Our team of experts  or vetted partners works closely with you to identify your business needs and design solutions that help you achieve your goals. Support and training is offered to ensure that you get the most out of your data analytics capabilities.

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